“The Photographer” is Kaptured by King.  “The Client” is any person, body of persons, firm, principals, employees, affiliates, organization, representatives of, or Company with whom The Photographer enters into a contract for the sale of goods or provision of services by The Photographer. The Photographer’s relationship with The Client is that of an independent contractor. “Image(s)” means all visual representations delivered to The Client whether captured, delivered, or stored, in photographic, magnetic, optical, electronic, digital, analogue, or any other, media. The Image(s) will be The Photographer's interpretation rather than a literal re-creation of The Client’s concept(s) and/or layout(s). “Assignment”, “Session”, “Photo shoot”, “Shoot” refers to the photography assignment described on the specified agreement that The Client is specifically commissioning pursuant to the specified Agreement.

A.  Photograph(s) and Copyrights

Photograph(s) produced by Kaptured by King are protected by Copyright Law (all rights reserved). Upon final payment by The Client(s), The Client(s) are allowed to display resulting photograph(s) for personal use. Said photograph(s) may not be altered or reproduced in any manner without prior written permission of Kaptured by King. The Client(s) will receive the finished photograph(s) in high resolution via digital delivery with printing rights. The Client(s) can request photograph(s) to be delivered via digital disk/USB for an additional fee to cover the costs involved. When publishing the photos socially or commercially,  no other persons are to be credited for the work other than The Photographer. The Client(s) must obtain written permission from Kaptured by King prior to the The Client(s), their associates, friends or relatives selling the photograph(s). The Client(s) understand that they have chosen The Photographer for his artistic abilities.

B. Session Fees

The Client(s) agrees to pay the photographer a deposit at the time of booking to secure their appointment date and time. This is a non-refundable booking fee that goes toward your session. The remaining balance is due at the time of the session. The session fee covers the time and talent of The Photographer, retouching and creative editing of images, as determined by The Photographer, and images (amount depending on session) to be stored.  Additional prints or digital images may be available for purchase for $25 per additional image.

C. Proofs

Copies of unedited photos, in which Kaptured by King holds all exclusive rights to cannot be saved to The Client’s computer, used on social networking sites, or printed, and will contain either Kaptured by King's logo, watermark, or proof stamp. The Client(s) understand the sole purpose of these unedited images is to select photos for Kaptured by King to edit/retouch as the final photograph(s) for The Client(s) . The number of proofs for The Client(s) to view depend on the session.

D. Location Costs & Fees

If there are any costs/fees associated with the location the client has chosen for their session,  The Client(s) will be responsible for those fees. The Photographer will not guarantee or arrange payment on any location. The fee covers travel within 30 minutes of the city of Virginia Beach. Any location outside of these limits will be subject to an additional charge of $0.51/mile as part of the agreement.

E. Rescheduling

If an illness or situation prevents a photo session from taking place, the client may reschedule their session at least 72 hours prior to their shoot without penalty. Should the client fail to give 72 hours notice, or decide to completely cancel the shoot, the deposit is forfeited and The Client(s) will have to book a new photoshoot session. 

F. Re-shoots / Refunds

Deposits are non-refundable. Re-shoots are determined at the discretion of The Photographer. Re-shoots and refunds will not be given for poor choices of clothing, make-up, hair or weather-related issues, or by not following the recommendations of the photographer. 

G. Late Fee/No-Call No-Show

Kaptured by King grants clients a 15 minute grace period and then after a late fee of $50 will be added to the remaining balance and to be due at time of payment. If The Client(s) do not arrive or make contact within 30 minutes of start time, the session will be determined a no-call/no-show. No-call/No-shows will be charged their remaining balance via the card on file used for deposit. Photographer reserves the right to reschedule due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances beyond their control.

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